Metro 2033 Translation Project


This is the home of the translation project of a Russian novel Metro 2033. Hopefully, with the help of other volunteers, the translation will be finished relatively quickly. At the rate of 1 page per hour, a translator should should be able to finish an entire book in 400 hours. Hopefully, with enough volunteers, the entire project would be done in less than six months.


Since the book was released for free on the Internet in another country, I foresee no legal issues with this translation. However, I will even abandon the project upon author's or a legal request.


This project is a translation, not a rewrite, of the original book. Since it's impossible to keep the sentence structure unchanged, some artistic liberties and phrase substitutions must be used to achieve the desired effect. However, the scope of the substitutions should not exceed the span of two sentences, let alone a paragraph. The mood of the book is as important as the story itself.


Please contribute to the project! Contact me for more information, and please read the Specifics about the notation before proceeding.

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