The following is my markup language for the translations I'm not sure of:

  • _phrase_ is a phrase that is a literal translation, but sounds strange in English.
  • [+word] is an additional descriptor that was used in Russian, and I'm looking for help in finding a correct synonym.
  • [|word] is an alternative to the current translation, for times when I'm unable to discern the minute differences between phrases.

Please resolve these first, to allow a more wholistic style re-read.

A horizontal line is used to separate alpha and beta text. Since each chapter is translated in parts, the text above a divisor is slightly-edited, while the text below the alpha, just-released text. This will simplify the different levels of proof-reading.

  • Alpha-marked pages have just been translated, and need the resolution of above ambiguities, and obvious spelling and grammar changes.
  • Beta-marked pages should have no outright errors, but will need a stylistic review, to make sure that the mood of the passage is set correctly.
  • RC-marked pages have been OK'd for stylistic content, and are good enough to be released. They should need only minor tweaks.

(I admit, I'm making this a lot more serious than it needs to be, while allowing my software engineering roots to show. The reason for the strictness, though, is that I hate being jerked out of a suspension of disbelief by easy-to-fix discrepancies, and so my goal is to make a quality translation that will be sophisticated enough to be read smoothly. Hopefully, it'll be just like that with help from my English major friends.)

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